The better your pet photo is, the better your pastel painting will be!!  See the tips below for getting a good photo:

Take your photo in natural light, without flash and not in bright sunlight!  No red or white eyes in photos!!!

Come down to your pet's level and take the photo straight on!

Using a biscuit or treat while a dog waits for it can result in a wonderful, alert photo!  Also, a dot of peanut butter on a pets upper mouth can result in some fun "tongue" photos!

Hold your camera steady and use the right settings,  so that the image will show the fur in detail on furry animals

Use "burst" if you have that setting on your device, as pets move very fast!

Eyes are the windows to the soul.... so, if you can, take a separate close-up photo of your pets eyes, so I can capture all the bits of color in them!



Choose one of your photos for the portrait (I can crop it if necessary) - supply more photos for reference while drawing.

If your pet has passed, and this is a memorial painting, I will do my very best to represent him/her even if your photos are not the best!


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