Our pets are our sweet little "treasures"! Why not honor them with a beautiful hand-drawn pastel painting! Makes a beautiful gift, for yourself, a friend or family member. A portrait also makes a loving gift for those of us who have lost a pet.

Custom Pet or People Portraits
from your photos

Hi, my name is Tina and I've been a commercial artist for 35 years.  I live in Middletown, Orange County, New York, but can provide services for anywhere in the U.S.  Now I'm retired and doing what I love, fine art!  Please see my "About" for more info.

I draw pastel pet portraits from your photos (unframed), digital (preferred) or regular photos (returned).  See my "photo tips" page to get a great photo for painting. Please note - I have been an illustrator for a long time and I'm not limited to painting just dogs and cats!  I can draw any small or farm animal, horses, birds, reptiles or wild animal!!  I welcome input on your pet, as the more I know the more I can capture your pets personality.  I promise to give you a piece you'll love forever!  I also offer people portraits & other art!

I use only the finest archival grade papers, pastels and pastel pencils from Europe. The Pastelmat I use is a very heavy paper and there is almost no pastel dust created, therefore fixative is not necessary (as fixative markedly changes colors and details and is not desirable).  But all pastels should always be handled only by the edges!



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People Portraits from photos and other art also available

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